About SANY

Company Overview


    SANY Group

    SANY Group has developed from a small welding factory in China in 1986 to becoming an FT Global 500 enterprise, recognized as one of the most innovative and successful companies in the world.

    As the fifth-largest heavy machinery manufacturer, SANY is a global leader in the development and manufacture of high-quality, industry-leading construction and mining equipment, port and oil drilling machinery, and renewable wind-energy systems.

    SANY has global R&D centers and manufacturing bases in the US, Germany, India and Brazil, with business covering over 100 countries and regions across the globe. It currently employs more than 40,000 people worldwide.

    SANY Heavy Machinery

    The SANY Heavy Machinery was founded in 2003 as a subsidiary of SANY Group and specialized in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of excavators from 5 tons to 200 tons. With headquarter in China’s metropolis city of Shanghai, it currently has established two R&D and manufacturing bases in 274-acre Lingang industrial park and 329-acreKunshan industrial park.

    During the last five years, the SANY Heavy Machinery has achieved average annual sales growth over 120% and annual sales volume up to 21,000 units, with the total annual excavators production capacity reaching 80,000 units. 

    With a total of 5,000 employees around the world, the company has built up the largest hydraulic excavators R&D center in China, and employed more than 1,000 outstanding engineers and professional around the world to provide cutting-edge technologies and all-round service globally.  


    Quality Change The World !

    Company Environment: Industrial Park Center View 1

    Company Environment: Industrial Park Center View 2

    Modern Factory: production and processing center view 1

    Modern Factory: production and processing center view 2


Corporate Mission

    SANY Group has a three-part corporate mission that is demonstrated in its brand mark. We aim to: “Build a first-class enterprise, to foster first-class talent and to make first-class contributions to society.”
    Vision: Quality Changes the World.
    Mission: To build a first-class enterprise, to foster first-class talent and to make first-class contributions to society.
    Management Philosophy: Do all for our customers. Help our employees succeed on the job and in life.



Manufacturing bases

    SANY Heavy Machinery’s two excavators industrial parks:
    Shanghai Lingang Industrial Park
    Biggest medium excavator production base in the world, with productivity of 5 0,000 unit.
    Invest more than Rs 4,0,000,000,000 (4,000 Cr).
    Occupy the largest medium excavatorsmarket share in China  
    Kunshan Industrial Park 
    Manufacture base of small 1.6t to 16t excavator and large 35t-200t excavator 
    Annual production capacity 30,000 units
    Occupy the largest small and large excavators market share in Chin a 
    SANY Excavator’s Manufacturing and Supply Chain





    Development history of SANY Excavators 

    ■ In1998, SANY Heavy Industry launched its first excavators manufacturing project 

    ■ In2000,SANY Excavator Research and Development Institute was established 

    ■ In2002, SANY’s first hydraulic excavator got off the assembly line

    ■ In2003, Sany Heavy Machinery Limited was founded

    ■ In2006, SANY Heavy Machinery was relocated to Kunshan of Jiangsu Province. 

    ■ In2007, the annual sales of SANY hydraulic excavators exceed 1400 units with revenue reaching 1.2 billion yuan ($174.1million)

    ■ In2008, the largest 200-ton excavator, produced by SANY Heavy Machinery was exhibited at Bauma Expo.

    ■ In2008, the annual sales of SANY excavators exceeded 3000 units with the revenue amounting to 2.3 billion yuan ($333.7 million). The number was almost doubled in 2009.

    ■ In2010, SANY Heavy Machinery was recognized as No.1 service provider in China; the same year, its annual sales exceed 1,2000 units.

    ■ Until 2013, SANY Heavy Machinery ranked first in China’s excavators market. 

    ■ In 2013, SANY topped the China’s manufacturers in export volume of excavators

    ■ In 2013, SANY Heavy Machinery won the China National Quality Prize, or China Deming Prize, oldest and most widely recognized quality award in the world. 




    SY215C10 hydraulic excavator, SYL958 loader, BL70C backhoe loader and SY35U hydraulic excavator won Chinese Design Red Star Prize on Dec 12, 2014. 


    SY75C hydraulic excavator won Star Product Prize on Nov 24, 2014. 


    The SANY Heavy Machinery won Global Performance Excellence Award on Oct 2014, rewarded by Asia PacificQuality Organization. 


    The SY75C-9 series excavator won the Gold Finger prize on March 2014, the highest honor among the Top 50 Chinese Engineering Machinery products. 


    The SY215C-9 series crawler excavators won the special award with its quality and appearance in 2011, given by committee of 10th Beijing Int’l Engineering Machinery Exhibition.